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Data Quality Resources - Adult Education and Literacy Services

To increase performance outcomes is a primary goal of Maryland's Department of Labor/Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning. The Literacy, Adult, and Community Education System (LACES), a relational database, was developed to collect performance data required by the National Reporting System (NRS) as well as other data unique to Maryland programs.

Both the state and local programs need to constantly focus on training and assistance to improve the quality of the data collected and to support the use of NRS data for program management and improvement. Quality data that provides us with information about who is attending our programs, how long they attend, and what they achieve is essential to designing quality instructional programs for Maryland’s adult learners.

Key program staff is advised to become acquainted with the National Reporting System’s Website. It is strongly suggested that key staff complete the Data Quality online courses on the NRS Website.

Data Quality Checklist (Word)