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Maryland Unveils First-of-its-Kind Apprenticeship Locator

Online Resource Provides Searchable Apprenticeship Information for Job Seekers and Employers

BALTIMORE (Dec. 18, 2018) – Labor Secretary Kelly M. Schulz today unveiled the Maryland Apprenticeship Locator, a first-of-its-kind interactive tool that connects job seekers and employers with apprenticeship sponsors throughout the state. The user-friendly online application provides current and searchable information for active apprenticeship programs, making it easier to locate apprenticeship opportunities.

“As Maryland’s apprenticeship program has grown, so too have the tools we use to support the program,” said Secretary Schulz. “The Maryland Apprenticeship Locator puts employers and job seekers in control of their talent pipeline and career path by placing all of Maryland’s apprenticeship opportunities in a single location, making it easier for them to find the information they need to get involved with apprenticeship.”

Users can search by county, industry, occupation, and sponsor in both the youth and registered apprenticeship programs, view details about apprenticeship programs, and find contact information to apply or learn more.

There are more than 90 registered apprenticeship sponsors and 45 youth apprenticeship employers listed within the locator.

“The more employers and job seekers asked us about apprenticeship opportunities, the more we realized we needed a faster way to connect them with potential jobs and sponsors with whom to partner. The Maryland Apprenticeship Locator cultivates those connections,” said Secretary Schulz.

The locator includes only active apprenticeship opportunities, ensuring job seekers find just those programs seeking to hire apprentices, and employers locate only those sponsors that are currently working within their industry. This sets Maryland’s locator apart: no other state in the nation offers an online application that provides both job seekers and employers with current and searchable information for active apprenticeship programs.

The tool will greatly improve the ability of job seekers to learn about apprenticeship openings that are of interest to them and convenient to where they live, and will help employers looking to hire an apprentice connect with sponsors in their industry.

To begin searching Maryland’s apprenticeship programs and sponsors, visit the Maryland Apprenticeship Locator.

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Theresa Blaner
Director, Communications and Media Relations