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Maryland Board of Pilots Update on Actions Pertaining to the Grounding of the MV Ever Forward

The following comments can be attributed to Maryland Department of Labor Chief Strategy Officer Joseph E. Farren:

BALTIMORE, MD (December 6, 2022)

“After thorough review of evidence and expert analysis in the investigation of the March 13, 2022 grounding of the MV Ever Forward, the Maryland Board of Pilots (Board), in a unanimous decision, voted to summarily suspend the operating license of Captain Steven Germac on October 20, 2022, and formally notified Captain Germac by letter dated October 21, 2022.”

“Captain Germac was the pilot of the MV Ever Forward at the time of its grounding. As part of the Board’s statutory process, Captain Germac will be afforded an opportunity for a hearing to formally challenge the Board’s decision in this matter. Captain Germac has not piloted a commercial vessel since March 13, 2022.”


Joe Farren
Cell: 410-746-0010