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Private Sector Gains 18,700 Jobs Over-the-Year

Maryland posts job gains in four out of seven months in 2014

BALTIMORE, MD (August 18, 2014) – The U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released state jobs and unemployment data earlier today. According to the preliminary survey data, BLS assessed Maryland with a decrease of 9,000 total jobs in July. Still, four out of seven months in 2014 have posted over-the-month total job gains. Compared with July 2013, Maryland total jobs are up by 16,300. Maryland's private sector also gained 18,700 jobs over-the-year.

With BLS revision, Maryland's preliminary jobs estimate for June was unchanged, maintaining last month's gains of 7,700 jobs. Maryland's June unemployment rate was unchanged with revision, at 5.8 percent. The July preliminary unemployment rate was estimated to be 6.1 percent.

"The Maryland Department of Labor remains focused on accelerating hiring and job growth as we continue our work to expand opportunity, " said Maryland Labor Secretary Leonard Howie. "Every choice we make is about creating and filling real, sustainable jobs and strengthening Maryland's middle class."

In the private sector, the Manufacturing sector added 400 jobs in July; the Durable Goods subsector added 300 jobs and the Non-durable Goods subsector gained 100 jobs. The Financial Activities sector gained 1,200 net jobs, the Finance and Insurance subsector added 1,000 and the Real Estate and Rental and Leasing subsector added 200 jobs. The Trade, Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities sector gained 1,100 net jobs, the Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities subsector added 1,100 jobs and the Wholesale Trade subsector added 1,000 jobs. The Natural Resources, Mining and Construction sector added 1,400 jobs---the most of any sector in July.

Under the O'Malley-Brown Administration, Maryland has made the better choice to invest in education, innovation and infrastructure. These investments are paying off for Maryland's families, workers, and students: Education Week Magazine named Maryland's K-12 public schools #1 in America five years in a row ; the non-partisan Pew Center for the States rated Maryland among the top three states in the nation for upward economic mobility; andfor the third year in a row, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ranked Maryland number one in America for innovation and entrepreneurship and number one for STEM jobs.

Secretary Howie will brief the media on the July 2014 jobs report during a conference call at noon today. Call-in number: 1-877-274-9107.

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The Maryland Department of Labor is committed to safeguarding and protecting Marylanders. We're proud to support the economic stability of the state by providing businesses, the workforce, and the consuming public with high-quality, customer-focused regulatory, employment, and training services. For updates and information, follow the Maryland Department of Labor on Twitter (@MD_Labor), Facebook and visit our website.

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