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Elevator Tips for Building Owners and General Contractors - Elevator and Escalator Safety

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Below are some commonly missed items that would prevent your elevator from passing the final inspection or alteration inspection. This list is generalized and in no way covers all of the items as outlined in the ASME A17.1 Elevator Safety Code and associated codes for elevator inspections. Scheduling inspections should be completed at least 30 days in advance of expiration. It is recommended scheduling should be completed at least 90 days in advance of expiration.

  • Elevator lobbies shall have permanent lighting, flooring, ceiling’s and properly programmed and installed fire initiating devices.
  • Elevator cabs shall have permanent flooring.
  • Two way communications shall be installed and programmed.
  • Sump pumps shall be installed at 3,000 GPH per hoistway.
  • Sprinkler lines/ heads shall not be installed over top of elevator equipment.
  • Heat detectors shall be installed in the correct locations.
  • Pit ladders shall be sized per code and installed.
  • Machine rooms shall have permanent lighting and a self-closing, self-locking door. The door shall be fire rated as required by code.
  • HVAC and heating equipment shall be installed as required by code.
  • Pit lighting and outlets to be installed per code.
  • All electrical equipment in the machine room, shaft and pit is to be installed per the National Electrical Code.
  • Generator installation shall be complete and ready for testing.

On the day of inspection please make sure that all testing personnel are on site and ready with the necessary tools and equipment. It is highly recommended that all testing items be pre-tested ahead of time to ensure there are no last minute issues. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at 410-767-2350 or e-mail me at

Daniel Gutierrez
Chief Elevator Inspector

For additional information, contact:
Division of Labor and Industry
Elevator and Escalator Safety

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Fax: 410-333-7721

Emergency telephone number: 410-767-2350