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Jobseeker Thanks Reemployment Workshop Facilitator for Great Resources!

Hello Maryland Reemployment Team,
I wanted to take a quick moment to say Thank You to your team for providing these valuable services to unemployed Howard County, Maryland residents.

I have been in an unpaid status since Sept 2022. As of yesterday, I received a verbal offer and am expecting the written offer by tomorrow.

I attended my first Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) session hosted by Sandra Luizzi [RESEA Facilitator, Columbia American Job Center] at the end of November. That session included so much valuable information regarding all the resources available through Howard County.

  1. I learned how to navigate the Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE). Sandra's overview/demo provided me with a better understanding of all the features and resources available through that site. This session not only included valuable information but was presented in a non-threatening manner with the clear intention to empower and motivate participants. I found Sandra presentation style pleasant and I loved her sense of humor. I was dreading the three-hour session, but the time went by so quickly due to her engaging nature.
  2. I attended several virtual workshops, including the Writing a Winning Résumé and Captivating Cover Letter, Transferable Skills and Career Changers sessions. These sessions helped me streamline my résumé, understand the importance of a cover letter and what to include in the cover letter, and how to tailor the letter to include some of the job requirements where my skills and experiences aligned. Prior to attending, I was under the impression that cover letters were no longer looked at by many organizations. This session made me realize that if an employer asks for a cover letter via the application process, you should definitely include one or your application may be eliminated from consideration.
  3. The Professional Outplacement and Assistance Center (POAC) group provides a separate forum for jobseekers looking for professional and Sr. Management Level positions. I attended the KickStart program and am scheduled for the Workplace of the Future session scheduled for next week.
  4. The WIOA organization provides an opportunity to apply for Funded Grants that help with education and certification preparation. I submitted an application for Project Management Professional Certification training and am waiting to hear back.
  5. I learned about the scheduled local job fairs and attended one of them in early Dec.
  6. Overall, I wanted to commend your team for developing this workforce development program and delivering the relevant content to help jobseekers improve their chances of getting a job offer.

    Feel free to share this information with the office of Calvin Ball, Howard County Executive. I believe these programs are invaluable to anyone who finds themselves out of work due to budget cuts related to Covid or other unexpected loss of business (not any personal performance issues).

    If there is ever a doubt of the value of these programs, I for one feel like my tax dollars are serving me and the community in a profound way. I would be happy to speak to anyone about my experiences as I have been a direct beneficiary of these resources.

    Again, thank you to the entire Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning (DWDAL) organization. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!!

    Wishing you all a blessed 2023.