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Workforce System Success Stories - Workforce Development and Adult Learning

Frederick County Workforce Services
provides more than enough qualified candidates to fulfill Country Meadows’ hiring needs.

As an Employment Specialist for Country Meadows, a Senior Living community, Molly reached out to Frederick County Workforce Services for assistance in identifying qualified candidates for the company's open positions. Locally, healthcare is a growing industry with high demand for reliable and experienced workers.

Country Meadows took advantage of several recruiting solutions offered by Frederick County Workforce Services, including participation in formal job fairs and onsite recruitment events as well as panel presentations and information sessions designed to generate interest in the field among prospective candidates. As a direct result of the partnership with Frederick County Workforce Services, Country Meadows has hired multiple candidates. According to Molly, one of these candidates was so impressive during the interview that the company hired him for a full-time position even though no current openings for that specific position were available at the time!