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Workforce System Success Stories - Workforce Development and Adult Learning

WorkSource Montgomery
provides desperate jobseeker with assistance and placement at Wheaton location.

Supannee was desperately looking for a job after being fired from the retail position she held for nineteen years at a local supermarket . She was understandably sad, upset, and frustrated, but her belief was strong that she would find a new job one day if she prepared herself well. She visited the American Job Center in Wheaton and quickly learned of the many benefits afforded her.

She attended new customer orientation and participated in most of the workshops enabling her to learn and improve her skills. She came daily and utilized the services in the resource center, using the computer for her job search. Job Service Specialist Hirunvaranatee directed her to the Job Fair/Recruitments board in the American Job Center. That was where Supannee saw the notice for an Open House at Rockville Pike's Fresh Market Groceries. She felt very confident and thought that she had everything ready to apply for that position. She went there and submitted her résumé. After one week, she received a phone call from the hiring manager inviting her for an interview. Having attended the interviewing workshops at the American Job Center, she felt well prepared for the interview, even returning to the Center after her interview to share her experience with the staff.

A week later, the hiring manager called and offered her the job of Assistant Deli Manager at that location. She returned to the American Job Center and proudly displayed her new name tag. Supannee stated that she wanted to “thank the resource center team for all the support and assistance she received.” Now she is telling everyone she knows who needs help finding a job to come to the professionals at the Wheaton location to register and utilize the resources that will prepare them for a new job and new opportunities.