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Press Releases and Apprenticeship in the News - Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program (MATP)

Maryland Apprenticeship 2.0, Training that Works

Governing - Connecting America's Leaders“Maryland has recently adopted some competency-based apprenticeships in addition to its existing time-based apprenticeships. In those new programs, trainees graduate when they can demonstrate that they’ve learned the requisite skills; their certification is not strictly based on how many hours they log in the classroom or at a job site.” - Governing, March 2018


Frederick News Post"We are looking for employers to work with us to develop the next generation of emergency managers," said Kathy Francis, executive director for emergency management at FCC. "Many different professions require emergency management capabilities, and connecting motivated students with employers looking to expand their emergency management capabilities is a win-win." - Frederick News Post, Jan. 12, 2018


Baltimore Sun“For years, Maryland's apprenticeship programs have been limited to trade workers in industries such as plumbing, electric and construction. Now, apprenticeships are open to people seeking professions in technology-based fields.” - Baltimore Sun, Nov. 19, 2016


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